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This online exhibit accompanies an on-site exhibit for the Pre-Columbian Studies 2014 symposium, “Processions in the Ancient Americas: Approaches and Perspectives.” Both online and on-site exhibits were curated by Bridget Gazzo, librarian for Pre-Columbian Studies, and Anne Marie Creighton, postgraduate research fellow.

We would like to thank Joe Mills, our staff photographer, for his photography of our books, and the staff of the Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives, especially Ameena Mohammad, for their assistance obtaining images from the Christopher B. Donnan and Donna McClelland Moche Archive. We appreciate the Royal Library of Copenhagen's generosity in letting us use images from Guaman Poma's Nueva corónica y buen gobierno.

We are also grateful to the following scholars for their suggestions about and help with processions: Trent Barnes, Tom Cummins, Susan Toby Evans, Cynthia Kristan-Graham, Colin McEwan, Mary Miller, Nathalie Miraval, Gary Urton, and R. Tom Zuidema.