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Explore the Gardens

Discover more about the Dumbarton Oaks Gardens, including details on trees and plants, inscriptions, furniture, and ornaments. Parts of the Garden Video Tour are marked by red triangles. Click anywhere on the map below to find out more about a garden section.

Watercolor map of the Dumbarton Oaks Gardens with red triangles indicating clickable points Cherry Hill Catalogue House Ellipse Crabapple Hill North Vista Ondine's Walk Star Garden Swimming Pool and Loggia Green Garden Garden Library and Ribbon Walk South Lawn East Lawn East Lawn Terrior Column and Enclosure Lovers' Lane Pool Melisande's Allee Orchard Herbaceous Border Arbor Terrace Fountain Terrace Rose Garden Urn Terrace Beech Terrace Pebble Garden Box Walk Kitchen Gardens Kitchen Gardens Prunus Walk Lilac Circle Forsythia Dell

Map art by Spencer Lenfield, 2016. Additional Garden Video Tour credits.


This small greenhouse is one of the oldest structures still standing on the grounds of Dumbarton Oaks.

Urn Terrace

The Urn Terrace serves as an ivied transition between the Beech Terrace, Box Walk, and Rose Garden.


Apples, cherries, pears, and plums blossom and bear fruit every year in this small orchard.

Lilac Circle

Hidden near the edge of the gardens, Lilac Circle offers a secluded spot for rest and contemplation.

Cherry Hill

When the trees blossom in springtime, this hillside becomes one of the gardens’ most magical spaces.


A double ring of hornbeams encircles a fountain, creating a hypnotic sense of calm.

Box Walk

This gently descending staircase, flanked by boxwood hedges, is the gardens’ central axis.

Star Garden

This small room features custom stonework, wrought-iron furniture, and a fountain ornamented with various constellations.

East Lawn

“One of the loveliest of the features of Dumbarton Oaks in its freedom from detail.”